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Explainer videos:
A powerful addition to the
marketing toolbox

The old days when the phrase "marketing video" was synonymous with "bad late-night TV commercial" are long gone. Thank goodness!

Now, in addition to high quality, cinematic video productions, you can create animated "explainer videos" to reach your clients or present information about your organization. These fun and energetic productions open a huge range of storytelling opportunities — and now at a fraction of the cost of traditional animation or motion graphics production.

The first sample below is one of our own productions — made to communicate with Gunnison Country Times advertisers about innovative opportunities in our new e-edition.

The second is one of a series of videos made in 2018 to help community members understand the details of a proposed affordable project.

From animated characters and settings, to high-energy text and logo animations, the possibilities are virtually limitless.


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