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How to tell your story —
tell someone else's

Here's a challenge that lots of nonprofit organizations face: How to tell their story to potential supporters without overwhelming the audience with dry facts and statistics? That is especially true of the Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley — whose core mission is to serve as a clearing house for funding and support for other nonprofits. How do you make that sound inspiring?

When CFGV Executive Director Pam Montgomery (now retired) approached Alan Wartes Media for a story consultation on that question, it didn't take long to convince her of the answer: "Share your story by telling someone else's." Promote one or two of the causes that CFGV funds.

Montgomery agreed, and hired us to create two videos to do just that. The first highlights the importance of early childhood education and why donor funding plays a huge role in making it happen. The second is a heart wrenching first-person story told by a victim of sexual assault — and why the support she received from local nonprofit Project Hope of the Gunnison Valley literacy saved her life.

Every business or organization has a moving story to tell.


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