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Don't SELL them.
Tell them a great


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Who we are.

At Alan Wartes Media, we've spent years learning what makes a great story tick. We've cracked the code: Why do some stories make us laugh and cry, while others land with a thud? 


As storytellers, we are not content to simply convey information. We don't rest until we've helped you create a real connection with your audience.


Our media.

Every project has it's own goals and challenges — which makes for a great story! Click on an image to watch the finished video Alan Wartes Media created for our clients — and read about the story development process along the way.


Our publications.

Our flagship publication — the Gunnison Country Times — proves every week that print journalism and advertising is alive and well, thank you very much! We also publish a variety of themed specials through the year, along with the weekly Gunnison Country Shopper.

We're constantly exploring new ways to integrate print and digital storytelling.


What our clients say...

Jack Lucido, Director of Film Studies

Western Colorado University

“Working with Alan Wartes means the storytelling is top notch, and the imagery and audio are unmatched. Whether I am serving on one of his projects, or I have hired him to work for me, it’s going to be a very good time, with an awesome outcome!”
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Alan Wartes Media

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